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Home Audio

Home Audio

Home audio is generally an installed system, however there are dedicated portable unites made for different areas around the house.

Home audio can involve having multiple zones for different living areas, or simply a portable iPod speaker system. Your lifestyle, home size, family members and how you like to enjoy your leisure time will determine what type of audio system you should end up with.

With the advent of wireless technology, audio systems are becoming simpler, more flexible and more enjoyable. Home audio can be integrated with video, lighting, HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) for complete control of the house. Dedicated media storage media and cloud based music services allow you to access any genre, album, artist and song you can think of.

What to consider when purchasing a Home Audio Systems


• Room or zone areas – brainstorm with the family or house mates about what rooms need audio and what zones will be required for set up
• How big are the rooms – a small room may only need one speaker unit, however a bigger space may need a more complicated solution
• What are the rooms made of? Different wall finishes can make different sound. Our consultant will be able to assess the rooms for the best potential outcome.
• What type of music will be listened to?
• What types of aesthetics do you prefer? Some speakers can be installed into the ceiling, walls or cabinets, while others are freestanding. The size of the speakers also influences the final audio quality.
• Wireless verses wired – more about these two options below
• Is there any existing technology that the new audio system will need to connect with?
• How would you like to control the system – there are many options including smartphone app, iPod / iPad, touch panel, universal remote control, computer (Mac and PC), wall mount key pad or the basic volume controls.

Remember, when it comes to getting great audio, no matter how much you have researched nothing compares to actual listening experience. Talk to your consultant about the best way to get great sound for your unique environment.



Wireless Audio Systems


Wireless systems have been developing quickly in recent years, they are a cost effective way to achive multi-room audio. While cabling can obviously be more reliable, and offer better performance and sound quality, wireless the advantage of being more portable and easy to install.

Popular wireless audio system brands include:

Sonos – a wireless home music system and hi-fi music players. With portable powered speaker systems and wireless amplifiers for installed systems (e.g. in-ceiling or bookshelf speakers).
Sennheiser – wireless headphones for use with audio systems or TV
Audiopro – Wireless USB transceiver for CD quality sound from your computer to a pair of speakers
Integra – offers hi-fi audio systems and surround sound receivers which are Air Play enabled
Air Play – is an Apple protocol which allows streaming directly from iOS (iPhones, iPads, iPods etc) or OSX devises to various audio systems.



Home Audio Installation


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Multi-zone audio
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