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Surround Sound

Surround Sound

  • 2.0 Pseudo surround sound ‚Äì 2 speakers
  • 2.1 Pseudo surround sound with sub woofer ‚Äì 2 speakers, 1 sub woofer
  • 3.1 Pseudo surround sound with dedicated centre speaker for dialogue ‚Äì 3 speakers, 1 sub woofer
  • 5.1 Introduces 2 surround sound speakers that are positioned to each side of the listening position ‚Äì 5 speakers, 1 sub woofer
  • 7.1 Introducing a pair of speakers behind the listening position ‚Äì 7 speakers, 1 sub woofer
  • 9.2 Introduces a pair of speakers above the front speakers which allows a height characteristic to the sound and provides a sub woofer for both the left and the right ‚Äì 9 speakers, 2 sub woofers

There are many different combinations and positioning of speaker equipment. 5.1 is the most common purchase and shows very high quality sound when compared to the total cost.

Speaker positioning

As with a stereo system the front left and right speakers should form an equilateral triangle with the listener, regardless of room size and shape. The surround speakers should be positioned between 90 and 110 degrees from the centre speaker, but should not be behind the listener.

The centre speaker should be horizontally aligned with the centre of the screen, and should be as close to the centre of the screen as possible. With a perforated projection screen, the centre speaker can be positioned behind the action on the screen, with the sound coming directly through to the audience. Alternatively, with a display panel (or flat screen TV) the center speaker will typically be above or below the center of the screen.

The left and right surround back speakers should be positioned behind the listener and when there are two they should be no more than 1 meter apart.

A sub woofer is recommended for both the left and right channels however one can be used. Some customers prefer us to position the sub in the corner of the room to increase the base, however this can also make the base overpowering at certain frequencies.


Speaker Selection

Surround sound speakers should have good dynamic range and power handling, regardless of their size. Specialised home theatres surround sound systems are sometimes integrated into the wall for a neater finish, however floor standing speakers will generally give the clearest performance.

Matched speakers (having each speaker be exactly the same) will deliver the best quality sound, but it can stretch the budget so talk to one of our consultants about which equipment will work the best for your situation.


Outstanding Surround Sound Brands

Miller & Kreisel – produces of surround sound movies use Miler & Kreisel to test the performance of surround sound speakers before they ship to cinemas around the globe. Speakers and subwoofers offer the most faithful reproduction of the director’s intent.

Parasound – When it comes to audio processing and amplification is incredibly hard to beat for a higher end surround sound system. With discrete channel management and amplification you can enjoy true hi-fi quality from each surround sound speaker

Jamo – Offering a compelling range of surround sound speaker systems, ranging from the most cost effective & stylish solution on the market to high end THX ultra 2 certified packages- guaranteed to appease even the most astute film buff

Meridian – The company employs a fully integrated proprietary digital system offering the highest quality home cinema or surround sound available today

Yamaha – this brand is highly regarded surround sound recover brand and source component brand, with many great integration features and high sound quality. We believe other brands offer even greater flexibility when it comes to surround sound requirements, for better value for money.

Bose – some customers have a predetermined affinity with Bose, usually this is due to the small size of the speakers. Some customers really enjoy the sound from Bose, however there have never been professional standard comparisons as Bose will not allow it. Our experience proves to us that better performance can be achieved for less money, without compromising on aesthetics.

Samsung – for an entry level surround sound system Samsung offers options, however pricing is competitive with Jamo, as they have far greater dynamics and power handling than any of the retail consumer brands. Also, check out Canton as their surround sound packages sound fantastic and come in beautiful finishes – Canton are manufactured in Germany.